LÓKÖTŐ Folk Dance Group

Nyíregyháza, Hungary

Dancers of the Lókötő Folk Dance Group, Hungary

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The Lókötő Folk Dance Group was established in 2004. The group is the generation replacement group of Nyírség Folk Dance Ensemble, which is one of the best amateur folk dance groups in Hungary. The members of Lókötő are 10-17 years old children who attend the primary and secondary schools of Nyíregyháza. The number of the dancers is around 35.

Dancers of the Lókötő Folk Dance Group, HungaryThe repertoire of the Lókötő - which comprises the whole dance heritage of the Carpathian basin - provides a realistic view into the folk art of the Hungarians and other nationalities and into the character of their dances.

The group pays attention to wear authentic costumes on stage. The dancers despite their age can present the world famous virtuosity of the Hungarian dances.

A Lókötő Táncegyüttes szólistáiThe Lókötő is a frequent participant of different children and youth folk dance festivals in Hungary and is now looking forward to participating in folk dance festival(s) in 2014 in order to present the Hungarian folklore traditions to the audiences of Europe as well.



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The leader of the group: Attila Ugyan

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Our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/lokototancegyuttes


Dances from Szilágyság:

Dances from Bodroghalom:

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Lókötő Táncegyüttes - Nagyida, Szlovákia

Lókötő Folk Dance Group, Hungary